Warm-up and cool-down packs

Each sport has its specificities and physical demands. Although the self-massage tools are all very easy to use, it is not always easy to use them effectively for a specific purpose.
Our partner, Be Athletic, has worked with champions from multiple sports to develop warm-up and cool-down protocols that have a real impact on your performance and well-being.
The Warm Up Packs are composed of a selection of self-massage tools and specific warm-up and recovery protocols for each sport discipline.
With Warm Up Packs, Be ready for performance!

Are you a professional or high-level athlete and want to develop a Warm-Up for your discipline? Contact us!

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  • kit-pole

    Pole Dance Warm Up

     154,00 VAT Incl.
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  • sport-rifle-shooting

    Pack 10.9 Warm Up

     79,00 VAT Incl.
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2 results shown