Golf Launch Monitors and Services

European Expert in Ernest Sports Products

At we offer all the brand's radars and provide all the services that accompany them: user manuals in PDF, repair service, spare parts, firmware updates, etc.
We do everything to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. We support you in getting to grips with your device and guide you for optimal use.
In the event of a malfunction of your product, we take over the manufacturer's warranty.
So you don't have to contact the manufacturer directly, we take care of everything.

Official distributor of Ernest Sports Radars since 2013

We provide you with our expertise and offer you an exclusive service guaranteeing:

  • products using the latest firmware version
  • explanatory notices in French and / or English in PDF format
  • attentive customer service (after-sales service in French and English by email and telephone)
  • repair service and supply of spare parts
  • the possibility of updating the Firmware of your launch monitor