Pack 10.9 Warm Up

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The 10.9 Warm Up pack is designed for the warm-up and recovery of the sports shooter in order to improve his efficiency and performance.

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Improve your groups!

The 10.9 Warm Up pack, a complete and efficient solution that will allow you to reduce your groupings from the start of your shooting session and improve your results!

The 10.9 Warm Up warm-up and recovery protocols are partly based on self-massage. The self-massage acts at the level of the fascia (envelope of the muscles) releases the tensions, activates the circulation of the blood. The protocols put in place allow you to improve your proprioception, gain postural stability and therefore reduce your body's oscillations!

With regular practice you can also reduce the risk of long term injury!

Contents of the Warm-Up 10.9 Warm-Up Pack

  • 1 Mini-band Light
  • 1 Mini-Foam Roller
  • 1 Travel Stick
  • 2 protocol sheets with QR Code to online videos
  • 1 transparent pocket for protocol sheets


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