Blackroll Ball 8cm

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The ally of your buttocks!

The Blackroll massage ball is perfect for localized self-massage of painful areas, and / or for massaging deeper layers of muscles. Its practical size allows you to take it everywhere with you.

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The benefits of the 8cm massage ball

The massage ball dramatically improves the performance potential and flexibility of your muscles. Depending on the areas massaged, it helps you regulate your posture and reduce the risk of injury from repetitive positions.
Like Sticks and other self-massage tools, it helps muscle regenerate by improving blood circulation.

Easy to use, it actively contributes to your well-being and your sports performance on a daily basis.

To benefit from the preventive qualities of self-massage, daily use is recommended.

How to use it

You can massage your hands (resting on a table or desk), neck, upper back (resting against a wall), pecs (against a wall), buttocks (on the floor), etc ...

Summary of features

  • Standard hardness massage ball, 100% recyclable
  • Chemical free
  • Without fuel
  • Scentless
  • Washable with water or with a disinfectant wipe
  • Weight: 17g
  • Dimensions: 8cm in diameter
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow (depending on available stocks)

Further information

Weight0.010 kg
Dimensions8x8x8 cm


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