ES12 Golf Launch monitor

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With the ES12 you are no longer alone at the driving range. You rely on precise data to advance your game.
Lightweight and practical to carry, it is discreet in your golf bag.

For the Sports Sylo, we are Ernest Sports golf launch monitor experts.
Official distributor in Europe and authorized repairer, we offer you the guarantee:

  • to get a user manual in PDF format
  • to receive a product integrating the latest version of Firmware
  • to access after-sales service by email and phone (set-up, operation, etc.), in French and in English
  • to benefit from a repair service in Europe
  • to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty

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ES12, the essential training tool

Ernest Sports' ES12 Golf Launch monitor instantly calculates your distance with each shot. No longer hit hundreds of balls at the driving range at random!

Like the best players, with the ES12 you set up training sessions with specific objectives. You get to know your distances for each club and become aware of the real distance differences between clubs. By controlling your distances you make fewer errors on the course, the effects on your score card are immediate.

The distance of a golf shot is one of the essential parameters of the game. Whether you want to check your distances to attack the greens, improve your accuracy on short strokes or beat your friends in drive contests, the ES12 will meet your expectations. .

A great help for practice training

Using Doppler technology, the information provided by the ES12 golf radar is very reliable. Even if you hit average quality practice balls, the radar gives you ballistic information corresponding to the result you would have with the best 3-piece balls on the market (ex: Titleist ProV1).

At practice, many factors can falsify your judgment on distances: sloping ground, limited visibility, poor vision, poor ability to estimate the distance between the point where the ball fell (carry) and your goal, variation of the flight of the ball depending on the type of practice ball used… (some golf balls used on practice ranges are designed to have limited flight, up to 30% less flight distance.)

With the ES12 golf radar, all of these factors causing measurement errors disappear. Your training is simple and precise: you no longer need to measure your targets with your rangefinder, and avoid the risk of estimation error.

For an effective training, recreate real situations at the practice

In a real situation on the course you are always looking to make a precise shot: put the ball in the hole, avoid a bunker before the green, pass the hole to let you putt up, etc ...

Practice playing distances to the nearest meter with the ES12 radar. Recreate real conditions and seek the same precision you set for yourself on the course.

The ES12 golf radar allows you to imagine as many distance goals as you want - that is, any situation you will be faced with on the course. There will never be enough targets on the driving range to compete with the possibilities of SS12.

The ES12, a simple, practical and efficient golf tool

The ES12 golf radar is very easy to use. It can be set up in seconds in all conditions: on a practice mat, on the fairway, indoors or outdoors.

It is compact, light and easy to transport. Once in your bag, it will always be available for your practice session.

Equipped with a 9V battery, it has an autonomy of 17 hours of operation.

The dedicated Ernest Sports application is free and available for Android and iOS Once connected via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet you instantly recover all the data and can manage your statistics. (Please note: the ES12 club fitting App is a paid app available for iPad only).

At Sylo Sports, the ES12 comes with a user manual in French that you can download in PDF format at the time of purchase. If necessary, our customer service will be able to assist you during your first training sessions with the ES12 golf radar.

If needed, you can purchase spare parts for the ES12, including tripods.

Using the ES12


ES12 Golf Radar Specifications Summary

    • Data: ball speed, flight distance (carry) and total distance of each shot
    • Equipment: 1 Doppler
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Free Android and iOS application (available in French)
    • Indoor use: recommended distance - 3 meters between the ball and the net
  • Instant view of data on the radar LCD screen and on your phone or tablet
  • Recording of all your shots and training sessions
  • Statistics integrated into the application
  • Sending sessions carried out by email in Excel format
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Setting the distance unit in meters or yards
  • Speed ​​display in miles / h or km / h
  • Weight: 0,285 kg
  • Dimensions: 13,5cm x 7,5cm x 6cm
  • Latest Firmware Version: 105
  • Power supply: 9V battery (autonomy: 17h)
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

Further information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 21x18x7 cm


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