ES14 Golf Launch monitor

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The ES14 golf radar is the ideal training tool for golf players who want to understand their swing and improve. It provides the essential data that will allow you to have complete feedback on your golf shots.

The use of this data is multiple: mastery of distances and calibration, technical analysis of the efficiency of your golf swing, observation of the effects of a change of equipment, verification of your state of form and your quality of a precise moment, etc ...

With the ES14 you set up a multitude of training sessions having a real impact on your game!

As an expert in Ernest Sports golf radars (Official distributor in Europe and authorized repairer), Sylo Sports guarantees you:

  • to access an after-sales service in French or in English, by email and by telephone (start-up, configuration, operation, etc.)
  • to get a user manual in PDF format
  • to receive a product integrating the latest version of Firmware (V.112)
  • to be able to access Sylo Sports repair services
  • take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty (12 months)


6 data to analyze your swing in detail

Thanks to its 2 Dopplers, the ES14 golf radar instantly calculates 6 essential data making it possible to analyze the quality of your golf swing:

  • The total distance and the flight distance (carry) expressed in meters or yards
  • Ball speed expressed in miles per hour (mph)
  • Clubhead speed expressed in miles per hour (mph)
  • The smash factor (ball speed / club speed ratio)
  • The spin rate (or back spin rate) expressed in rotation per minute
  • The launch angle of the ball (or launch angle) expressed in degrees from the ground

Use ES14 to track your progress

With the ES14, you can work your distances in the same way as with the ES12 launch monitor. You can also compare your data to that of the best players and know where you stand in relation to them, especially in terms of distance, club speed and spin rate.

There are many ways to use the SS14 to progress in golf and improve your swing. One of its main uses is to obtain precise feedback on the quality of the shot made by analyzing several control points.

With the ES14 golf radar, it becomes easy to observe precisely the evolution of the quality of his shots following technical modifications. Whether during a training session or by comparing several sessions over time (every month, every quarter…).

The analysis of the factors that caused notable improvements, such as a change of equipment, technical progress, improvement in physical condition, becomes much faster and more intuitive.

A multitude of training sessions

The ES14 is perfectly suited for setting up a very wide variety of training sessions ranging from global work:
- analysis of the calibration of its clubs
- checking the consistency of his swing
- etc ...

to precision work:
- swing calibration to reach a particular distance
- research to increase the take-off angle and reduce the spin to increase the flight distance at the drive
- etc ...

Technical specificity of the ES14 golf radar

The ES14 golf radar allows adjustment of the loft of each club used to the nearest degree. This option significantly improves the performance of the algorithm contained in the firmware of the ES14, and will be particularly appreciated when using woods and wedges.

The ES14 radar can be used indoors and outdoors, on grass and carpet. When used with a net, the recommended distance between the ball and the net is 3 meters.

To avoid using batteries, the ES14 can be powered via a 9V AC adapter. This adapter is optional and is not included in the price of the product.

The dedicated ES14 application makes it possible to obtain separate statistics for each session performed directly on the connected terminal. Thus, you analyze the averages of the data collected for a particular club during the same training session.

The ES14 application, available on Android, iOS and Windows, is free. There is also an iOS application, exclusive for iPad, intended for fitting (ES14 Club Fitting App). This application is payable and sold directly on the Apple App Store.

Why use ES14?

Please note: the Promo Code mentioned in the video is no longer a reduction but allows you to obtain free delivery.

Getting started with ES14


At Sylo Sports, the ES14 is sold with its user manual in French (PDF format). Our customer service is at your disposal to assist you during the commissioning of your ES14 golf radar.

Sylo Sports offers specific additional services for this model:

You can learn more about the ES14 by going to the manufacturer's website.


The ES14 is compatible with several complementary systems:

Summary of features

  • Data:
    • Total distance, Flight distance (carry)
    • Ball speed
    • Club Head Speed
    • smash-factor
    • Spin rate
    • launch angle
  • Equipment: 2 Doppler
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Free Android, iOS and Windows app (available in English)
  • Indoor use: recommended distance between the ball and the net: 3 meters
  • Instant view of data on the radar's LCD screen and on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Recording of all your shots and sessions
  • Statistics integrated into the application (session by session or all mixed sessions)
  • Export of sessions carried out via email in Excel format (.csv)
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Setting the distance unit in meters or yards
  • Speed ​​display in miles / h
  • Adjustment of the loft of each club to the nearest degree
  • Weight: 1,05 kg
  • Dimensions: 20,5cm x 13,5cm x 5cm
  • Latest Firmware Version: 112
  • Power supply: 9V battery (autonomy: approximately 17 hours of use)
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months


Further information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 28x21x7 cm

White, Charcoal


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