“Travel Stick” massage stick

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The travelers' stick!

Le "Travel Stick" massage stick has standard flexibility, ideal for massaging muscles. Its small size of 43cm allows you to massage a smaller number of muscles than with the Body Stick. Athletes use it mainly on the arms and legs when warming up or cooling down. It is also popular with travelers for its practicality since it fits in cabin baggage.

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The benefits of the “Travel Stick”

Massage with the Travel Stick releases the envelope of the muscle (the fascia), and therefore increases mobility. It activates blood circulation and flushes out toxins accumulated during training. Ideal for post-workout recovery, to prevent muscle soreness and speed recovery.

Travelers use the Travel Stick to massage their legs, which are often painful during extended trips by plane, train or car.

How to use it

Grasp the Travel Stick with both hands and roll it over the muscle with pressure and at moderate speed. Do about 10 round trips per muscle, or muscle group.

Always massage a muscle at rest (do not lean on it). Never massage the joints.

To benefit from the preventive qualities of self-massage, daily use is recommended.

Summary of features

  • Standard flexibility massage stick
  • Weight: 255g
  • Dimensions: 43cm in length
  • Handle: Red

Further information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions45x5x5 cm


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